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Myler Lynn McKenzie Signature Series MMB Medium Shank Mullen with Low Ported Barrel MB 06

Myler Lynn McKenzie Signature Series MMB Medium Shank Mullen with Low Ported Barrel MB 06

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Size: 5"

Lynn McKenzie Signature Series Stainless Steel MMB 6 1/2" Medium Shank, MB 06 Mullen with Low Ported Barrel, Level 2-3

The MB 06 is a Myler alternative to the traditional mullen, but it has a wide low port that allows the tongue to pass under it comfortably. The port is ¾" high, just enough to allow the horse’s tongue to elevate slightly and swallow, but not high enough for palate pressure. When the reins are engaged, the 06 applies pressure primarily to the bars and lips. Sweet iron mouthpiece oxidizes and encourages salivation.

  • Independent Side Movement
  • Sweet Iron Mouthpiece
  • Curved mouthpiece does not pinch lips and bars
  • Copper Inlay

Notes: This mouthpiece is a step up in tongue relief from Level 2, but because the port is low, it does not offer as much tongue relief as other Level 2-3 mouthpieces with slightly higher ports because the tongue is still somewhat restricted. The MB 36 mouthpiece will offer more tongue relief than the MB 06 when the reins are relaxed, but more tongue pressure when the reins are engaged. For more overall tongue relief, see MB 43LP.

The MMB shank is an indirect (curb) rein action designed to be used with the curb chain which is attached to the purchase. The MMB shank uses the combination of the fixed cheek and fixed rein to apply pressure to the mouth, chin and poll. The MMB’s innovation is the sliding action of the mouthpiece. When the reins are engaged, the mouthpiece moves, giving the horse the opportunity to respond to the lightest signal before the mouthpiece hits the stop. The distance the mouthpiece can travel between the stops means that this cheekpiece will not apply very much downward pressure. The design of the mouthpiece attachment does not allow the mouthpiece to slide as readily along the shank giving it a more solid feel than the HBG. The patented Neil Merrill purchase plate disperses pressure evenly against the horse’s face.

Size: 6 1/2" shank

Discipline: Western, specifically designed for barrel racing

Action: Indirect